Gnome from my mother's gardenWe are a mother and daughter team in the northeast Georgia mountains. We’ve both always been very craft-minded and enjoy working with a variety of materials to create interesting things. My mother is a gifted seamstress and builder, while I prefer smaller wood projects like keepsake boxes or fairy houses. Although we’ve always loved learning new crafts, which is why you’ll see us offering an eclectic mix of items.

We do enjoy working on a myriad of things but our biggest passion is soap making. I’ve always enjoyed science and art, and soap making is a wonderful melding of the two. I excelled at math and science subjects in school, and this has proved valuable when formulating our soap recipes. However, once the science is done and the soap is mixed, creativity and artistry come in to play when designing what our final bars will look and smell like. Our goal is to introduce bars that are not only cleansing, skin-loving, and fragrant, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Before The Wooden Dahlia was conceived my mother was well known locally as a seamstress, she’s made extraordinary gowns for weddings and proms. This kind of thing is very seasonal so she also ran a successful construction clean-up business the rest of the time.  Eventually, old injuries started catching up and it was evident that this type of work had an expiration date.

I always dreamed of going to college for an artful pursuit but my grandmother, meaning well, convinced me to go for business instead. I landed an office job that ended up being soul-crushing for me. I struggled with anxiety and depression before and working in a gray cubicle amplified that tenfold.

We had both come to a point in life where we needed a new way to make a living. Over the years, many people have told us we should go in to business and sell some of the things we make.  Now the timing was right. We started saving every extra penny we could to put towards buying supplies. It took the better part of a year before we felt confident rolling out the business to the public.  Now that we are here, I couldn’t be more excited to be on the brink of showcasing our creations to our family and friends, and the world!

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