First – there is no such thing as “build a simple website anymore.” At least not with my decade+ old, barely-passable in it’s prime html knowledge lol

I spent over 8 hours yesterday just trying to get the search input box and the search submit button on the same line instead of stacked.  I invented new search terms to put in to Google. I copy and pasted code snippets until I could see them with my eyes closed. I poured over forum posts ranging in complexity from “how did you survive this long without daily care” to “so far over my head that Voyager 1 is not quite there yet.”

And while we’re on the subject of forums…


And then, you know what worked? A MINOR php alteration (that I had tried previously!). I think it finally just took pity on me.

I will say that the WordPress forums have been a great resource though. I’ve broken down and posted twice now, and got a quick response both times, with at least a workable solution. That is more than I can say for Concrete5 (which appears to be a powerful platform, but gave me one of the weirdest errors I’ve ever encountered while editing a site). I still haven’t received a reply on that forum.

So yeah, it’s been a frustrating few days! But I’m close to getting all of the global elements how I want them, which means I can move on to the fun stuff – like photography! Assuming I can find a gallery plug-in I like. 😀

And speaking of photography – yesterday was the Fourth of July – so I did take some time to vent my vexation by setting something on fire in the spirit of patriotism!

I LOVE sparklers!

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